Skipper course in Puglia, Mooring course in Puglia and all Italy!

mooring course Puglia and All italy

corso ormeggio manovre

The course of mooring and maneuvering in narrow waters is structured in 5 lessons of 2 hours each with a single student. theory and practice boat for coping with all possible operations in the port. Mooring stern, bow mooring (also French), mooring on the side (called English). Mooring and berthing with the Trappist yet. How to make sense rotary propeller according mooring and how much influence the evolutionary effect of the propeller during maneuvering. Manage the wind knocks down the bow of the sailboat. How to help with peaks in twisted pair to get out of a mooring "difficult". English moor in a tight spot as long as a boat length. Knowing how to throw a rope. All nodes useful in the port. Learning to moor a boat of any size using the same technique without using the bow thruster! The course takes place in Bari Puglia but you can do it throughout Italy using your boat or hire a boat!

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skipper course Puglia

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Delivery of the boat, assignment of berths and loading and stowing luggage, presentation of the course, the rules of life and organization on board, behavior and mooring at anchor, clothing aboard, having read the documents of the boat, galley and kitchen organization, Delivery of lifesaver and their use.
Navigation program, the correspondence in the presence of current, knowledge of the boat and plant-board, location of materials and safety equipment, gate valves, pumps, control of the levels diesel, oil, water batteries, etc., Discharge to the sea water cooling, the engine belts. how to start the engine, oversight and control of equipment and armament sails, weather comment.
Security: prevention dangers, proper use of equipment, control of the boat, use of VHF, EPIRB, network of listening and speech, on-board computer, GPS, onboard instrumentation, man overboard (approaching motor), use of the boat raft and legislation on its equipment, fire extinguishers, fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, auction MOB, abandon ship, MOB function of GPS, Williamson's turn, recovered on board the MOB. The prevention of collisions at sea: priority and signaling systems IALA, medical emergencies and first aid, the CIRM.
Motor maneuvers in narrow waters, berthing quay. Maneuvering engine (available from start to return), keeping the logbook, adjustment of sails, devices for adjusting the sails, anchors motor recognition coast, pilot and signaling systems (sleeping in port or at anchor). Anchors sailing, exercises with spinnaker and gennaker. abandon ship, approaching the MOB motor and use of GPS, observation of the clouds and the tide was forecast their evolution, juxtaposed with anchor docks downwind, maneuvers berth, trailer, Types of anchors and special anchors.
Weather: pressure, humidity and temperature, the breezes and the planetary circulation, observation of clouds, synoptic winds, fronts, on-board instruments. Using the barometer. Genesis of a temporal control regulation of mast and rigging, go up the mast, rigging screws, pins, steering cables, etc..
Offshore sailing in day and night, for the presence of currents, juxtaposed between boats at sea and at anchor, simulation of broken rudder, tactics with bad weather, prepare for the bad times, rhythms and turns of life on board, adjustment Spy, navigation 24 hours. The engine circuits of diesel, oil, water and air; troubleshooting, general control equipment, electrical circuit board, repair of faults elementary, circuit-board water and toilet pump, recovery and insights about various topics, list of damage to repair. Regatta Course.