​bari, polignano a mare, monopoli, ostuni

sailing holidays italy Puglia

SAILING HOLIDAYS weekend Puglia loading / unloading: Puglia (to be agreed: Bari, Polignano a Mare, Monopoli) 2 days and 2 nights to discover the wonders of Puglia - Bari with boarding and disembarkation at 18.00 one night - the unique historic center of the so-called Barivecchia, is permeated with ancient history and contrasts all'ottocentesco Murat zone ordinate grid pattern which best represents the commercial tradition of the city: the Norman Swabian Castle, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Cathedral S.Sabino, the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the infamous column! Route: Day 1 heading south route of Polignano a Mare, one of the pearls of Puglia, a town built directly above the sea, features the terraces of the old town overlooking the sea, unforgettable caves navigated by the tender where there is also a restaurant, then Monopoli millennial city of Puglia with the Castle of Charles V, the Abbey of St. Stephen, the sixteenth-century walls, the beautiful Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. Day 2 is scheduled sailing and stop along the northern coast of the coves of Cala Corvino Monopoli and Cala Incina and bathroom with seafood Hermit. Return in the evening of Bari. In addition Marina Ostuni the white city of Puglia 3 night - the houses painted of mortar and the peculiar topography have earned epithets fairytale, as the White City, Queen of Olives, City Manger, II old center - likely support the acropolis Messapian - it is perched on the steep sides of a hill and has an ellipsoidal plan, clearly expressed by walls reinforced by towers Aragon - landing in Bari in the evening. nb do not make individual embarkations, only whole boat charter


SAILING HOLIDAYS puglia, salento: Taranto, gallipoli, leuca, castro, otranto

sailing holidays Puglia italy

SAILING HOLIDAYS Weekend Holiday sailing in Salento 3 nights and 3 days. loading / unloading: Puglia (to be agreed: Taranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca) Salento extreme southern tip of the heel of the Italian natural dividing line between the Adriatic and the Ionian crossroads of peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean, rich artistic heritage, the famous fortified farms of Salento, pine forests and olive groves this is Salento. With boarding Otranto 18.00 1 night ancient city of history and culture, with its fortress overlooking the harbor, the cathedral and the narrow streets that wind around the old town. Route: Day 1 heading south towards Castro made a surprise to town with its beautiful medieval village a gem of Salento, a train linking the port to the characteristic cave of Zinzulusa, not to be missed, then Santa Maria di Leuca night 2 synthesis of beauty and nightlife, as enjoying the beautiful sunset with the sun goes to sleep in the Ionian Salento Day 2 will climb the Ionian coast and between a cove and the other crossing lace headpiece and then Gallipoli night 3 nightlife or relaxation this is the beautiful to you to choose, a weekend in Salento. Day 3 a beautiful sailing and a lunch stop in Porto Badisco await us then towards Otranto and landing in the evening. nb do not make individual embarkations, only whole boat charter


​isole tremiti, gargano, vieste, rodi garganico, peschici

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SAILING HOLIDAYS Weekend sailing to Tremiti loading / unloading: Puglia (to be agreed: Bari, Bisceglie, Manfredonia, Vieste, Rodi Garganico) 3 nights and 3 days - with boarding Vieste on the Gargano promontory hours 18.00- covered by a characteristic pine forest of Aleppo pine called the pearl of Gargano: the historic center, the cathedral, the beaches, the rock of Pizzomunno, Campi Bay, Cala Moline, Capo Vieste and then Pugnochiuso. Day 1 - full sail and heading north to the beautiful and pristine islands tremors island S.Domino night 2 - Cala Arenas, the beautiful Cala Matano overlooking the sea, Cala des Anglais, Cala Tamariello, which is accessed only by sea ​​and in which it is possible to dock small boats, Cala Tonda, which forms a picturesque lake. The tip of Uncle Caesar, however, forms the southern end of San Domino: Off of this was found the wreck of a large Roman ship. Day 2 - still islands tremors, sail and bathrooms characterize our day with a tour of the archipelago and the Architello Capraia striking arc with pond behind the emerald sea, landing to the island of St. Nicholas historical and religious center of the archipelago with visiting the imposing Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare, early afternoon heading south in the direction of Rhodes Garganico 3- night perched on a rocky promontory between two long sandy beaches just a few kilometers east of Lake Varano. Surrounded by lush citrus groves, olive groves and pine forests, as well as carob trees and fig trees. The old town is of medieval origin and is characterized by narrow, mostly steep and intricate paths, then there is the beach of Levante and Poniente beach. Day 3 - Step on the postcard town of Peschici sin potercisi not stop, there is no bottom, between teaching and bathrooms we get to sail to Vieste in the evening which is expected to land. nb do not make individual embarkations, only whole boat charter