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Discovering sailing the beautiful Campania ! We visit sailing the most beautiful islands of Ponza , Ischia, Capri , the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi and Positano ! a touch of sophistication combined with the beauty and nature of these enchanted places ! Loading / unloading : Acciaroli Campania Tour : Amalfi , Positano , Capri , Procida , Ischia . Boat : Jeanneau voyage 42 ' , 3 double cabins and 2 bathrooms nb do not make individual embarkations , only whole boat charter



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From Salerno to Sapri through Agropoli, Castellabbate, Acciaroli, Camerota, Palinuro ... A weekend cruise holiday sailing in Cilento has several facets, such as Palinuro is a long limestone promontory overlooking about 200 meters high. It is located in the southern coast of Campania between the Gulf of Velia and the Gulf of Policastro. It 'a projection of land that goes into the Tyrrhenian Sea for about 2 km. It 'a natural spectacle of its kind, the particolarietà this gigantic rocky outcrop consists in being excavated by creating creeks, ravines and caves. Palinuro means the "place where the wind turns." In 540 BC Ionic settlers from Phocaea erected on Cape Palinuro, in the locality Molpa, a village with a necropolis. Virgil, Aeneid, gives his interpretation of the facts by telling Palinuro, helmsman of Aeneas, who falls into the sea betrayed by sleep and came ashore, was attacked and killed by the natives. The gods of the underworld, from the episode sacrilegious offended, punish the inhabitants with a terrible plague. A place rich in history as witnessed by the human bones calcined in the rock of the Grotto of Bones. The cave Sulfurea, calea Fetente to enjoy the benefits of the sulphurous waters, the beach of Good Sleep, White Cove and natural port of Baia Infreschi. Acciaroli to embark on a tour of Cilento through the most beautiful villages of this amazing marine protected area. Be enchanted by the blue waters and the Mediterranean flavors of Neapolitan cooking, made of simple ingredients cleverly combined ... Boarding / Landing: Acciaroli Cilento Campania Boat: Jeanneau voyage 42 '3 double cabins, 2 Bathrooms nb do not make individual embarkations, only whole boat charter And for the more adventurous the Aeolian Islands are not that far away, we could make 5 or more days, please contact us!