One day boat trip, parties, romantic dinner/lunch on board,
sailing tour Bari, Monopoli, Polignano, Trani, Bisceglie, Puglia

One day boat trip, exursion on sail boat Bari Apulia

escursione barca bari puglia

​Organizes with who you want,
​a wonderful day by boat. Sailing in Puglia
1 day boat trip, to stay together in a new situation and inspiring! 
A boat trip in  Bari, Monopoli, Polignano a mare, Trani, Bisceglie a sailing boat trip Puglia!

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romantic dinner or lunch
​on board Puglia

cena romantica barca bari

​Organizes with who you want a romantic dinner or lunch on board!
A complete menu with sailing excursion on wonderful sailboat!
​You and your love together for a special day! 
Sailing tour in Bari Apulia!
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Celebacy party
Bari Apulia

addio al nubilato celibato barca bari

Celebrate in a different way, original and fun!
Pass a whole day or an evening by boat in the company of few but good! Celebrating a bachelorette or bachelor party truly exceptional!
from 10 to 17 or 18 to 24 by boat in Bari, Puglia

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